Bold Bald & Beautiful, Inc.

"Bringing Alopecia Awareness Everyday Not Just in September "

Got Alopecia? You Are Not Alone...

" I was diagnosed with alopecia last year after losing hair in my crown area for about 3 yrs. I went to the dermatologist & he said I waited too long & suggested that I try the steroid shots. I couldn't stomach getting shots in my head so I turned away with no answer or cure for my condition. I his my head from my now husband for 3 years. I broke down emotionally with the thought of him seeing my head. I finally got enough courage to show him & he encouraged me to shave it. I only have the confidence to wear my head when I am with him. But, I am so tired of the wigs & I would love to wear my head all the time.   When I saw your site.. It gave me a new feeling & I see that being bald can be beautiful & that I am not alone ".

- Alena Rice McNeill, Spartanburg,SC


" My four year old daughter, Deijah, has Alopecia. She was diagnosed at two. Its hard even at a young age dealing with the stares and comments and other little girls. My daughter has weathered it all and keeps smiling. Her passion for dance has made her confident in who she is and I am beyond amazed and proud of the strong little princess she is ".

- Deijah and Charlotte D. Wilson, NC


" Today I was diagnosed with Aloplecia Areata... I have 1 patch... & i Started topical steroid treatment today. I will greatly like to be involved with your support group ".

- SRT, Mesquite, Tx.