Bold Bald & Beautiful, Inc.

"Bringing Alopecia Awareness Everyday Not Just in September "

Parents and Teachers     504 Plan-know your rights  "You may be eligible for accommodations under a 504 Plan"

Hbj Salon & Spa is a continued supporter of Bold Bald & Beautiful, Inc.  We assist with affordable lace units and custom wigs from donations to suit the needs of those men/women and children who desire a much more natural look.  Provider status TBA!

We also provide Eye Lash Extension services for those who desire the length and fullness that can be robbed due to the different forms of Alopecia.  

We understand that living life without hair takes some adjustment and we are here to assist you in your transition with ease.  Keep up the great work BBB!

Beautifull Brows is dedicated to helping those without eyebrows be their best no matter what. 

This affordable process is simple to use and very flattering.  Finally you can have perfectly beautifull  brows.  This product can be worm by many. consultant ie: Teliah