Bold Bald & Beautiful, Inc.

"Bringing Alopecia Awareness Everyday Not Just in September "

Bold, Bald & Beautiful Inc. is a support system and community for those living with Alopecia.  

It is our Mission to show other Alopecians that they're not alone and that we all have a true  purpose.  It starts with healing ourselves inside and out in order to help and assist the next fellow Alopecian. 

 Resources will be provided with professionals talented in their specific crafts to help accentuate the Beauty that lives within as well as without. 

 Our focus will forever be to Educate, Empower, Uplift and Enhance the daily lives of those who walk in these shoes. 

 Our goal is to walk with our fellow Alopecians as they examine their journey with Alopecia in an effort to accept themselves and remove the shame of living in this world without Hair! 

 Check with us periodically as we grow into  what God has purposed us to be in our efforts to spread further Awareness of this scalp disorder and disease. 

There's so much more to come!